Resources and Workshops

Unpacking Your Faith Story

This small group experience will help participants learn and practice how to share their faith stories in relevant ways to connect with modern culture.  Facilitator guide, participant handouts and video are included.

Small Church Checkup



There are three kinds of small churches: not yet big, stable, and smaller. This learning source will walk you through an assessment to help you determine what type of small church you are. Then based on your own determination, there are treatment plan options to choose from in order take your small church to the next level.

Gear Up

Learn the nine gears (processes) necessary in the life of a congregation to be efficient and effective in living out the purpose of making disciple who disciple others.

Grab your book, form a team, and listen into the workshop. You'll have the opportunity to process and evaluate each year.

Communicating Vision with Jason Mackey

So much time goes into crafting the vision, but then as if it's a delicate work of art, we put it on the wall and revere it, but ultimately lose it. As leaders we cannot afford to let it go. We have to communicate it well. Here we will discuss the best opportunities and approaches to communicating vision.

Ruts in the Discipleship Pathway with Jason Mackey

Every church walked away from Navigate with an Intentional Path to Discipleship, but that was a month ago and since then some things worked and some things didn't. Come be part of a conversation to address your challenges and share best practices in implementing your church's plan.

Necessary Nine



Explore the nine traits identified in the most effective pastors and the two traits identified for vital congregations.

Grab your team to process and evaluate.

Simplified, Accountable Leadership


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

If your church would like to simplify the ways decisions or made, be more flexible and efficient in its structure, and free up more people to do the ministry of the church, check this out.

Recommended Resources
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Digital version

Available in printed and digital versions

2018 Navigate: Creating Discipleship Pathways



Navigating from membership to discipleship can be one of the biggest challenges in building a healthy and active church. Whether its communicating, building leaders, or creating a clear ministry alignment discipleship can be interwoven into these strategies.


Sermon Series

Welcome Home - Discipleship Sermon Series

Six-week sermon series on discipleship.

Series includes graphics, videos, bulletins, print materials, and written resources. Created by the Susquehanna Conference and designed by Jason Moore.

The Journey - Lenten Sermon Series

Life is a journey. It’s putting one foot in front of the other. Grueling climbs. Majestic views. Unexpected turns. It’s wilderness experiences. And finding new directions. It’s choosing which path to take. Ready to go?

Series includes graphics, videos, bulletins, print materials, and written resources. Created by the Susquehanna Conference and designed by Jason Moore.